'Lara is an unusual girl, so the film about her is anything but ordinary.'

Boško Picula

'The young Portuguese director's distinct poetics and aesthetics are truly enchanting, as her masterful use of language of film. This film, laden with symbolism and visual metaphors, provides an intelligent cinematic exploration of the interplay of individuality and conformism.'

'By using an experimental expression of thinking outside the box, the film reflects on adulthood and roles we play in a male-female relationship.'


This is Lara. She measures 1,70m, her feet are too long for her body. That's why she's always stumbling. Lara lives in a strange world where everyone has a curvy, caricatured posture, except for her. No one communicates, people look but don't see each other. One day, Lara meets Hugo, the first person she identifies with. They get to know each other through a simple glance.

To what extent does this contact between them change their beings?