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London, Lisbon


+351 962 153 396

Joana Caiano (Lisbon, 2000) is a Portuguese writer and director working with fiction narrative, documentary and commercial. Joana studied Cinema and Video in Lisbon before moving to the UK where she concluded her Bachelor's degree (Film Production).

With an inexorable passion for comedy, Joana loves playing with different characters' traits and placing them in uncomfortable situations. She is interested in exploring social, economic or political dilemmas in her films.

[42, fiction, 2017]; [Mask, fiction, 2020]; [Lives at Steak, fiction, 2024] [A Cabeça não é um sítio seguro, documentary, 2024], 

Festival International de Cine de Quito; NAHEMI Extraordinary Times - Canon Competition; Sunderland Shorts Film Festival; Four River Film Festival; Zoom.13 Festival; Ufa Youth Short Film Festival; The BeBop Channel Dance and Theatre Film Festival; GaztefilmFest; NanoCon International Film Festival; Script Shop; Under the Radar. 

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