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The Human Voice

by Pedro Almodóvar

A monologue about heartbreak, pain and nostalgia. Shot during the pandemic, this film serves as an enormous inspiration to the graduation productions. Almodóvar directed for the first time in English and was still able to continue his trademark feministic sentiments. The magic of film and directing really does go beyond verbal language. The human voice is a depiction of heartbreak with bold colours and a unique sense of style. I was not too sure, however, about the modernities of the film - the clear insertion of sponsorships of Channel, Nespresso, Smeg and airpods. A bit too distracting.

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Scenes from a Marriage

by Ingmar Bergman


Water Lillies

Such an intense plot between two actors and four walls. The film follows an apparent fully formed couple from suppressed unhappiness to adultery and divorce. It is an incredibly well-executed film that captures the enduring pain of a separation, extracting so much emotion in such a passionless relationship.The captivating aspect of Bergman's films is the naturalism and humanity of the narratives and cast yet, maintaining surreal  atmospheres.

The beginning of Sciamma's world is seen in this film that depicts the complexities of sexuality for young women.It follows Marie, confronting her in the portrayal of her discomfort, jealousy, desire and heartbreak. The film starts and ends in the water, following the protagonist's aim to be selected for synchronised  swimming. This coming-of-age drama has an eye for visually-compelling architecture environments.

Water Lillies is austere, muted and minimalist, conveying the inner-conflicts and manifold emotions inherent within adolescence.



by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

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Commissioned alongside other short films in 'Paris, I love you', Tuileries is a small quirky short of a man waiting for his train to arrive. The Coen brothers were able to create such peculiar, yet realistic environments in this film, captivating the viewer with well-written characters and situations. The beautifully composed images contrast with the overwhelming experience that the protagonist has on the Paris metro. It explores the idea of miscommunication between a tourist and residents in such caricaturesque way, leading to wise humour.

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Clockwork Orange

by Stanley Kubrick

An audacious blend of imagery and allegory, 'Clockwork Orange' is a complex film that questions if brainwashing can a cure or a violation.

This critically acclaimed piece might be an evident choice, yet, there was a need to explain the particular likings and influences I took from it.

Controversial in its time for its treatment of violence and sex, and even causing its director and star to feel a measure of regret, the film has aged tremendously well.

Kubrick's directing “method” is infamously controversial as he's known to torment his cast members as the ends justified the means.

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